Hi, I’m Wade

Dogs Are Our Family, Learn About Them Together

Many people have pets in their homes, but do you know what they say and do, and how to get along with them?

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How do you get along with your pets

Do you have a lot of stories, any fun things to share with you? If you have more fun things, can you share with us, we are happy to grow up with pets, happy to receive goods, they are part of our family.

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See what our friends have to say about its pet? Is your pet cute, and can it get along with you very happily?

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About us

Hi, I’m wade, and I grew up with a dog. 

My hometown is in the countryside, at that time we almost every family have a dog, and my dog is a leader among dogs.

I’ve had six or seven dogs so far and I love playing with them and they love playing with me. I have some experience with dogs that may help you. Of course, also, in terms of dog ownership, I always want to discuss with you what dog ownership experience and tips.

If you also want to communicate with me, please send me an email. My email address is shuke123123@gmail.com.

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