Why do dogs lick people

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In life, dogs are particularly fond of licking when they come in contact with their owners to express some inner demand. Sometimes, it is simply a way to express to you that you like you; sometimes, it may be that there is some kind of inner need that wants to use your ability to help it accomplish.

As we have said before, animals and humans have some kind of exogenous law in them. This licking behavior is a bone-in-the-bone memory that has been increasingly formed over the past 10,000 years since the domestication of dogs by humans and has been passed down through the genes; it is an exogenous law that has been passed down through the generations of dogs that belong to them.

This licking method began in the days of hunting and gathering. When their mothers returned from the fields to collect food, the puppies rushed forward and gave their mothers kisses. At this point, the puppies’ behavior may be a way of thanking their mothers for bringing us delicious food and bounty.

In addition to expressing gratitude and fondness, the act of licking is also used for the transmission of love between family members. Dogs in the pack era often lick each other’s bodies, which is not only cleaning each other but, more importantly, expressing a kind of love and harmony, showing each other how good I am to you and hoping you will feel and accept it.

Dogs this licking, a simple, seemingly game-like action that has profound meaning. If you are good at finding, this game mentality also has some kind of inspiration for humans. In fact, from the hunting and gathering era, human beings have experienced the agricultural era, the industrial era, the information era until today, the underlying needs and thinking patterns of human beings have not changed much. The game mentality and behavior can allow you to slow down and have time to fill the long-broken chain of meaning.

Humans need to keep exploring, stay curious about external things, and keep increasing their knowledge; they need friendship and social interaction to share happiness and well-being; they need leisure time to go farther after relaxing. Humans need timely feedback so that they can be recognized for every little progress they make on their own.

We can’t say that this is a game life, because it might seem too shallow to describe it that way. We just need a game mentality to see each difficulty in life as a game process of the various levels, as long as we continue to improve their ability to win the endgame may have already been planned.

I have long been accustomed to the dog really as their friends, in the give and take at the same time, in fact, we have got a lot! This kind of get is often hidden, need to heart and love to feel. If you get, you are lucky!

Table of Contents