What dog is the most rebellious

The most rebellious dog is Teddy, the dog’s lively, and cute, but then, there are exceptional circumstances, that is, you raise some more rebellious, vengeful dogs, the following kinds of “rebellious dog,” who raised who regrets, do not dare to provoke, the following Xiaobian take a look.

Dogs’ most rebellious list

1. Teddy

The degree of rebellion: ★★★★★

On the road can be seen at random breed Teddy, then raise a lot of people because it is very cute, ah, but if you do not underestimate it, it is still particularly naughty; meet other dogs on the road, but also learn to dog battles, barking, really a rebellious dog, timid and nosy, raised on regret.

And some owners say it will also be disruptive at home, relying on the owner’s favor recklessly, and Teddy’s hair because of genetic problems, will be prone to fading. The owner should remember to give it more hair care, oh, you can feed some beautiful hair food.

2. Chihuahua

The degree of rebellion: ★★★★★

The first impression of the Chihuahua is a strange-looking dog, and do not look at its small size, it is very rebellious, especially love to hold a grudge, but also careful, do not dare to provoke ah, some owners say I have another dog outside, it found, Chihuahua will be angry, but will be at home to make trouble, the degree of rebellion people dare not imagine, so the owner of it do not touch other people’s dogs.

3. Chinese Field Dog

The degree of rebellion: ★★★★★

Why say the Chinese Field Dog is also rebellious? Originally loyal and protective dogs, Chinese Field Dogs mostly live in rural areas, used to a free and easy life, in fact, their nature and children as naive love to play, so when the master does not tie them up, the dog will run outside to play, but also occasionally outside trouble, who was not a rebellious child ah, in order to play, open up.

4. Border collie

The degree of rebellion: ★★★★★

IQ first border collie is also on the rebel list and is not out of breath at all precisely because they are very smart, spiritual border collies, know the trade-offs, so will have their own ideas to do things, if you are not suitable for it, the dog will be self-centered, do not listen to your orders. The heart is also thinking of revenge on you, absolutely will not eat a little loss, really who raised who regret it!

5. Pomeranian

The degree of rebellion: ★★★★

Pomeranian’s face is high, with long fluffy hair. A cute dog loved by everyone, but, so cute dog is also very rebellious. This Pomeranian is particularly vindictive and externally vigilance. You provoke it, it will appear barking. If the daily does not want the Pomeranian too noisy, affecting their own and neighbors’ rest, it is best to call it off promptly, and correct the dog’s behavior. You can try using snacks to relieve its emotions oh. The dog will see the food and will also obey some.

6. Pitbull

Rebelliousness: ★★★

If you provoke it, it will remember and will show you its rebellious side, so of course, you can’t let yourself be aggrieved. However, obesity in dogs can lead to many physical diseases. If your dog is obese, it’s best to give him the proper exercise and feed him a light diet, so he can choose low-fat dog food as his primary food to effectively manage his weight!

When does a dog enter a rebellious phase?

The rebellious period of children generally appears between 15-18 years old, and for dogs, 4-16 months, the dog may appear revolutionary performance. However, this time is not fixed, owners should pay attention to observing the dog’s emotions and some habits, and then combine with the age of the dog so that you can accurately determine whether the dog entered the rebellious period.

What is the performance of the dog’s rebellious period?

Children’s rebellious period, manifested as naughty disobedience, always like to work against their parents. But did you know that not only children have a rebellious period, in fact, even dogs also have oh. So, what are the obvious signs of a rebellious dog?

  • 1. Dogs from teenagers to young adults stage, that is, about five or six months to a year and a half or so. The dog’s bouncing ball reflex and sense of possession is getting stronger, the basic formation of independent consciousness. This time he gradually becomes an adult, with self-awareness, but also progressively mature, the rebellious period began, and this time the dog will learn to confront the master.
  • 2. When you touch it, not as docile as when it was small. Before you feel him when ah very well behaved, and even sometimes it is active to let you touch him. Now when you touch him, you do not let him touch you, he turned his head, expressing a kind of impatience or defiance, do not want you to feel this state. This is a classic behavior at the beginning of the rebellious period.
  • 3. Began to protect the food, you move his food bowl, and he will give you his teeth, in case the dog food fell to the ground, you pick it up it will not do. Finally, the development to ah things fall to the ground, it has to protect. This also shows that the rebellious dog, he is also seriously misplaced.
  • 4. When out and about, he will only play. He does not care about you. How you call him can not call back. There is another is to see a strange person or strange dog, will take the initiative to go up to greet, wagging his tail with a playful smile. That is to say when a hundred dogs pull with who go, the master’s obedience feeling gets worse.
  • 5. If you find a dog suddenly mean you, growl at you, grimace at you. This time means that the dog’s rebellious period has reached its peak, do not cure can not be.

How to treat dog rebellion?

The method is simple, re-enforce feeding management, a move to make him more and more honest, from the food aspect of the effort, end of the food bowl, regular and quantitative taste, so that the dog understands who is the provider of food, leaving the master he will not eat.

The rebellious period is an inevitable stage of dog growth. Generally a year and a half later, he also gradually fades. So it is not necessary for the owner to be overly anxious, bear with it and pass.

Dog’s rebellious period notes:

What should dog owners do?

1. Do not force the dog to contact some of the things it is afraid of, if it is scared of the roar of the car, then in this period of time to go out to choose a road with fewer cars.

2. Strengthen socialization training. The more it experiences during this special period, then the calmer it will be in the future, which is why many people’s dogs grow up playing with other dogs and growing up with an outstanding personality

It is no exaggeration to say that playing with 1 dog during this period will have a better effect than playing with 5 dogs in the future

During this period, the dog will gradually become confident, and two males will fight over the scent left by the female, which means that your waifu grows up

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