Top 10 Dog Running Speed Ranking

How fast can the fastest dog in the world run?

The fastest dog in the world is the lurcher, which can reach a top speed of 70km/h. The lurcher is an ancient breed of dog, produced in the Middle East, and is recognized as the best racing dog in the world due to the high protection people have for its purity!

Can dogs catch up with small cars?

Generally speaking dogs can not catch up with small cars, because cars can basically run to more than 100km/h, the fastest lurcher can only run to 70km/h, so that is certainly not comparable, after all, one is flesh, one is a machine.

Ranking of the ten fastest running dogs

No.10. Great Dane

30 miles per hour

Great Dane was bred by European royalty and nobility, is a symbol of noble status, is regarded as the world’s dogs in Apollo, produced in Germany, originally in Denmark, ancestral class near large mastiffs (such as Tibetan mastiffs in Tibet, Japan’s Tosa). The dog is smart, brave, loyal to the master, body up to 70 cm or more, weighing more than 45 kg. It is a dog fighter, impatient, vindictive, easy to train, can be raised into a strong ability and obedience to orders of the guard dog. It is large, well-proportioned, muscular and strong, and has the style of a king. Among all large dogs, the Great Dane is the most elegant and noble in both appearance and nature. It is affectionate, considerate, brave, trustworthy, friendly and non-combative, a good partner and guard dog, and is known as the “easy-going giant of the dog world”.

No.9. Place Doberman Pinscher

32 miles per hour

AKA: Doberman Pinscher, originally from Germany, named after the man who bred the breed, Louis Doberman. The Doberman, named after the man who bred it, is one of the most intelligent and physically superior of all the breeds, with the most noble temperament.

The Doberman Pinscher is used by both the military and police, while some people in China use the uncut ears and broken tails as hunting dogs. In the country Doberman Pinscher is usually used for guarding and hunting.

No.8. Place Border Collie

34 miles per hour

Native to the Scottish borders, it is a type of Collie sheepdog with strong shepherding instincts, intelligent by nature, good at reading words, able to understand the owner’s instructions accurately, and can drive the sheep to move or rotate by eye gaze. It has been used as a sheepdog for many years and is ranked first in the world in terms of dog breed intelligence.

The characteristics are intelligence, strong learning ability, high understanding, easy training, good communication with the owner, gentleness, loyalty, good obedience, and its loyalty can be described as following the shadow. Because of its gentle and loyal character without barking, it once became the most popular pet among the urban population. And the Border Collie is also the most competitive breed of Frisbee dog, and is the protagonist of the Frisbee Dog World Cup competition in all years.

No.7. Place Weimaraner

35 miles per hour

The Weimaraner is a medium-sized grey dog with an elegant form. It is very beautiful and its appearance is aristocratic. It has a very fast speed, very elegant and beautiful movements, very strong perseverance, witty and sensitive mind, and very well-proportioned body. From its body structure, it is able to do its job for a long time and with a very fast speed, which shows that it has a very good endurance.

No.6. Place Whimbrel

35 miles per hour

The Whippet is a true sporting hound, a medium-sized visual hound that can run the maximum distance with the least amount of movement. The impression is beautiful and harmonious, muscular, strong and powerful, and the appearance is extremely elegant and graceful. A streamlined body shape is a requirement for speed. This dog is native to England, mostly in Russia. It has long, slender limbs and a lean, soft body that is a scaled-down version of the lurcher.

The Wheaten is often used in this country more than to catch rabbits, as well as to hunt small prey, and to participate in various racing competitions.

No.5. Place Soviet Russian Wolfhound

36 miles per hour

The Russian Wolfhound, also known as the Russian Wolfhound, is a common visual hunting dog, bred as a hunting dog to chase wild animals, relying primarily on sight rather than smell to hunt. The Russian Wolfhound has a distinctly noble temperament, smooth lines, and graceful movement and posture. Males appear masculine and not rough; females appear soft and not weak.

The Tasai, the Taiga, the steppe hounds of southern Russia, and the Chotaiki all belong to the Russian Wolfhound. Russian dogs run faster than wolves, and wolf-hunting dogs generally strike in pairs, biting wolves by the neck and dropping them to the ground. For nearly a century, this dog has been used elsewhere to breed companion dogs.

No.4. Place Dalmatian

37 miles per hour.

Originally from Yugoslavia. Calm and alert, well-proportioned, strong, muscular, and lively, unashamed, with a clever and intelligent expression, easy to train, keen senses, alert, and easy with children. The Dalmatian has great stamina and is a very fast runner. The hindquarters are strong, with smooth and well defined muscles. The Dalmatian is also often used as a competition dog because of its excellent running and biting ability. Dalmatians are born white, with spots that can change. Slight spots appear on the body as puppies, and as they grow older, they become visible and become distinctive.

No.3. Place Fine Dog

Speed of 60.5km/h

Also known as the fine hound, the fine dog has a pointed face, two long ears that hang down, and a lean, upright body that moves well. Characteristics are fast, fierce and good bite, but poor turning ability, not suitable for mountainous water country.

No.2. place Shark dog

Speed 64km/h

The Shak, also known as the antelope dog or the Arabian hunting dog or the Persian lingti or the Saluki hound, has a maximum speed of about 64km/h. The Shak is still used in the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula. In the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula, the Shark and the falcon are still used to hunt gazelles and wild geese.

This dog can chase prey with great speed and can catch any prey. The body is long and lean, the front legs are high and straight, the head is narrow and long, the long ears hang down on the sides, the muscular neck, the powerful hips, the long and naturally curved tail, the tall and elegant, the body is as light as a swallow, very beautiful. With a stable central nervous system, mentally focused, resilient, docile and easy to teach, alert, reliable, trustworthy and with a strong will to refuse to be lured, it is also brave and fearless, with an indomitable and undaunted fighting spirit. The dog has good eyesight and is a hunting dog that pursues its prey by sight rather than by smell.

No. 1 Reintel Dog

Speed of 70km/h

Top speed is about 70km/h (64 to 68km/h for course corners). Born in the Middle East, the Gretel is an ancient breed and an extremely rare purebred dog. It is recognized as the best racing dog in the world in recent times.

The GSD has a smooth, wavy body shape, a deep chest and a flexible, curved spine to meet the need for speed. Its head is long and its muzzle is very close to tapered. The exceptionally deep chest allows for greater heart and lung capacity during a sprint. In addition, the nostrils of the GSD are larger than those of other breeds, which ensures smooth breathing during short sprints. The front limbs are straight and the hips and hind legs are very strong and muscular.

The GSD has no guardianship habits and does not like to bark or attack strangers; it is afraid of the cold and lies lazily in a warm and comfortable place most of the time. However, once he finds prey or something for him to play with, he again shows surprising speed and agility. He needs 40-60 minutes of exercise per day, with an adult dog’s exercise capacity being about 10 km per day.

The Gretel is also often compared to the cheetah, as one is the fastest in the canine family and the other is the fastest in the feline family (of course, there is no doubt that the cheetah is still the fastest animal on the planet). The two have a strikingly similar running posture.

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