The best dog bath tub in 2022

Do you often feel puzzled? Why did the dog come just two days before the bath and has not been out, but the body began to emit a strong smell? This human feels a very smelly odor, but the dog’s body is a defense mechanism, the dog’s sebaceous glands will secrete oil to protect the skin. Still, when the oil comes into contact with a moist warm environment, it will begin to accumulate bacteria; when the bacteria start to decompose these oils, it will appear smelly.

Generally speaking, big dogs have heavier body odor than small dogs, and long hair is more likely to smell than short hair, or sebum-producing breeds like poodles and schnauzers will have a more pronounced smell than other dogs.

That’s why we need to bathe our dogs every once in a while to be clean, safe, and hygienic.

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How often is a dog bath better

Small dogs generally take about 2 weeks to wash one can, and medium and large dogs take approximately 1 month to pass a time can. If you fly frequently, it will be easy to get skin diseases, and the hair quality will become rough.

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The human skin structure has 12 to 16 layers, but the dog skin is only 2 to 5 layers, plus no sweat glands. The dog can only rely on fur secretions to protect the skin. In these conditions, if excessive washing will undoubtedly damage the tissue and even cause allergies or dermatitis and other signs. In addition to bathing, you can also use a comb to comb the dog’s fur more often. How Should Dogs Bathe?

Dog bathing supplies

(1) Utensils: waterproof apron, shower fixed rope, rubber band, shower, cotton ball, eye cream, bath shampoo, comb, small plastic bucket, hard sponge, soft towel and hair dryer, etc.

(2) Bathtub: you must prepare a proper bathtub. The height of the dog is suitable for half the height of the dog, slightly larger than the size of the dog, required enough to accommodate the dog, and bathing does not affect the person bending down to operate. The bottom of the tub is well padded with rubber mats or towels, so the dog does not slip and fall. The height and size of the sink are appropriate. An adequate supply of hot and cold water, a shower, and a small platform for drying the dog after bathing. The sink should be cleaned and disinfected after bathing. When bathing the dog in the bathtub, it is good for the person to wear a waterproof apron to prevent the splashing water from wetting the clothes.

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How to choose a dog bath tub

1. Size can be selected according to your dog’s size and weight. In general, we try to buy a more significant one because if you buy a small one, basically the money is wasted.

2. Non-slip: use in the bathroom, are water, non-slip function dogs are not easy because sliding to scare the dog.

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3. Convenient storage: does not take up space and is not messy. We better buy it when you choose to fold the dog bath tub, so it is easier to store, and occupies less space.

Meet the above points is a qualified bathtub. The control details can choose from temperature-sensitive functions, shower fixed, storage slots, and other designs, which we can then check according to their needs.

How to choose the size of the dog bath tub

First of all, we need to determine how many centimeters long and wide our dog, and then in the purchase, we only need to buy a slightly longer size of the bath tub can be.

How to choose bathing supplies for dogs

Many newbies bathing dogs for the first time do not know what kind of toiletries to use, so we use our shampoo or body wash for dog bathing. Human skin is weakly alkaline, while dog skin is acidic and cannot be shared. And with different types of dogs, the dog will need various toiletries! How to choose dog bathing supplies?

Female dogs have acidic skin (PH 5. 5), male dogs have weakly acidic skin (PH 6. 5), puppies have neutral skin (PH 7. 2), and pet dogs have slightly alkaline skin (PH 7. 5), so neutral shampoo can barely be used. Gasoline and motor oil should never be used to bathe a dog.

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Recently, mixed detergents are the most common detergents. When choosing a detergent, please judge by the nature of your dog’s coat. Dogs with soft coats use neutral detergents. Dogs with coarse and dry coats use oil-based hair cleansers, including two types, those containing vegetable olive oil and those containing animal hair oils. After the two shampoos are used, you have to decide which one to choose by observing and comparing the effectiveness of each one.

The dog bathtub wash suitable or showers well

Shower. Do not use circulating water—battery to ensure the water temperature is constant. Use the shower. First, wet the body, wash from the bottom up, and finally wash the head because it likes to shake the water once the crown is wet. Be careful not to let the shampoo foam flow near the eyes and ears. After rinsing the foam, let the dog shake the water, dry it with a towel, and finally dry it with a blow dryer.  Dogs bathing method

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Dog bathing precautions

One is to pay attention to the use of special shampoo for pets.

Second, we should pay attention to the bath and not let its nose and ears into the water.

Third, after washing must be immediately blow-dried so as not to catch a cold or illness. Before the basin is full of hot water, rinse it with a shower to improve it.

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