Do labrador retrievers like to cuddle?

Most Labrador Retrievers like to be cuddled. The Labrador Retriever is a clingy dog, but not all dogs like to be cuddled.

As dogs get older, not every dog likes to be cuddled. After all, in a dog’s perception, a cuddle is an action where the other person presses their body against them and has the power to dominate them.

In order not to show their own submission, generally speaking, the larger the dog the more reluctant to be hugged, on the contrary, small dogs enjoy the feeling of being held in the palm of the master’s hand. Of course, if the owner does not hug the dog in the right way, it is easy to make the dog feel uncomfortable and naturally it will reject hugs.

labrador retriever cuddle

Labrador retriever cuddle is related to its nature, first of all it is a pet dog, afraid of loneliness, quiet personality, is the first choice to do guide dog.

As long as a person calls his name, he will go over and jump up and ask for a hug and play with you. Every time you come home, always jump up and hug, when it rains, the footprints are on the clothes, so sometimes I also educate it, and then this will beat it, the next time never do so.

Labrador Retriever likes to hug how to do

Sticky is the nature of the Labrador Retriever, always stick to you, that means you are good to it, it is close to you, this is a very good phenomenon. Raising a dog requires patience, you don’t want your dog to be indifferent to you. If you really can’t stand it and feel annoyed, then tell it that you are very busy right now and will go back to play with it when you are done, then let it how to stick to you, ignore it, but after a while you are done, you have to go to it, comfort it, and tell it that it is very good and very smart.

You are now busy, free, can play with it. Be sure to find it after you are busy, otherwise the dog will be sad. Also, do the right thing, to praise more, praise when the expression to smile, the tone of voice to be gentle. Try a few more times, a little patience, it will understand your heart.

General Labrador Retriever how to hug

Generally speaking, every dog is different. Some Labrador Retrievers just like to sit next to their owners and then lean their heads on their laps or shoes. Some dogs prefer other ways of cuddling, such as on a bed, or prefer to have both feet up and cuddle directly on their owner.

For Labradors many different Labrador Retrievers hug in different ways, and finding the one that works best for our Labrador is the best fit.

Do all Labradors like to hug?

Definitely not. Not all Labrador Retrievers like to cuddle. Because each dog has its own personality, some Labradors like to cuddle, but some do not.

Sometimes, when Labrador is sick, or encounter some things, the mind will be more vulnerable, in this kind of thing, Labrador more like to hug, this is somewhat similar to, when we are relatively low mood, or sick, always want to have someone around us can be with us.

Labrador puppy wants to cuddle all the time

Do Labrador puppies prefer cuddling? Yes, because Labrador puppies are very young and fragile when they are not yet grown up, and they want to be protected and close to their owners all the time. It can be so simple to understand that when we are still a child, we also want our parents to be around us all the time to protect us, will feel very safe.

When not to hug Labrador Retriever

1. Feeding time

When feeding the Labrador Retriever, you should not hug the Labrador Retriever, because at this time, if you touch the Labrador, it will think you are invading it and grabbing its food, it is better to give it some space at this time.

2. Injured

But if the Labrador is injured, or if the pain of the injury causes the Labrador to be unhappy, at this time, do not give the Labrador hugs, because at this time hugs will make him very angry.

But sometimes you will find that you do not know whether to hug the Labrador. When you approach the Labrador Retriever, the Labrador is very gentle leaning on you, this time you can give him a hug if you feel that he has some resistance, then it is better not to provide him with a continued hug.

Why Labrador Retriever is worth hugging

Labrador Retrievers have a personality and temperament of their own, they are very kind and gentle dogs, and their loyalty is very high, they are very popular in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom, and are generally used as guide dogs and working dogs.

The Labrador is a great companion for families with children or people with disabilities. It can provide companionship and some assistance, both psychologically and health-wise, and is a very good choice for Labradors.

Reasons why Labradors don’t like to cuddle

Generally speaking, although most dogs like to hug, many Labradors do not like to hug. There are so many reasons why a Labrador personality does not like to be hugged, its previous owner abused it, it is sick or injured, and it is afraid to do something.

Previous owners

Some Labrador owners don’t like their Labradors as much after they have them, and may even slowly abuse them. This is more likely to happen if your Labrador was adopted from inside a shelter.

In this case, Labrador needs to adapt to its new environment. At this time, you can accompany the Labrador by training, playing, and exercising, and you will make him feel comfortable when you are around him.

Injured or sick

When the Labrador has been injured, it will be very resentful and does not want to move, moreover, it does not want to be touched, as well as hugged. At this time, you can give it the space to be alone, or be around it to accompany it, and just do not touch it too much.


Many different things can cause fear in a Labrador, such as receiving abuse, being scared in specific environments, or being anxious about certain things, all of which can cause fear in a Labrador.

Natural causes

Many Labradors are not naturally inclined to be cuddled, and if he does not like to be cuddled, it is better to leave them alone. Forcing a hug on a Labrador can cause strong resistance and it is a good idea to stay away from Labrador Retrievers at this time.

Puppies also do not like it

Because the Labrador is very energetic when he is small, he wants to run and jump everywhere. At this time, if you try to hug him, he may appear to break away. As the Labrador grows up, he may like to cuddle more.

This is the end of why Labrador Retrievers like to cuddle. Do you have anything else you would like to discuss with us, we welcome you to leave us a message at any time.

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