Can dogs eat apples? What are the benefits and drawbacks?

Apple is a common fruit, rich in nutrients, girls’ beauty and weight loss essential fruit.

But the body structure of dogs is not quite the same as people, can you give dogs to eat it? There are no benefits and disadvantages.

1. Can dogs eat apples?

The answer is yes, apples are a fruit we recommend for dogs to eat, but not too much oh.

2. What are the benefits of eating apples for dogs?

In addition to vitamin supplementation, there are some other benefits to eating apples for dogs.

  • 1). The antioxidant effect of apples can protect your dog’s body cells from damage.
  • 2). Apples contain malic acid, which can enhance your dog’s appetite and make him grow healthier.
  • 3). Eating some apples can reduce the odor of your dog’s mouth and body.
  • 4). Apples contain pectin, which can enhance the dog’s gastrointestinal power and improve digestion and absorption ability.
  • 5). A large amount of dietary fiber in apples can improve the dog’s constipation.
  • 6). Apples also have a certain role in the prevention of hypertension, especially for obese dogs.

3. What are the disadvantages of eating apples for dogs?

Although apples have many benefits for dogs, they also have some disadvantages.

1). Apple seeds can not be eaten, eaten, the seeds are not easy to digest, the angles are easy to scratch the gastrointestinal capillaries, if you bite into it, to a certain amount, it will lead to cyanide poisoning, so it is best to eat apples cut, remove the seeds before feeding.

2). Apples contain a lot of fiber, you should not eat too much, eat too much is very easy to make the dog have diarrhea.

In short, apples are a good fruit for dogs, but should not eat too much. Otherwise, it is counterproductive Oh.

Expanded knowledge:

1. how many apples to feed the dog appropriate?

Apple cut into small pieces, feed a few flaps is good, a week up to 1-2 times can be fed, of course, can not feed it to eat, and is not necessary.

2. Do dogs need to eat apples to peel?

It is recommended to peel before feeding, because the skin of the apples on the market now have residual pesticides, and in order to preserve freshness, it will be waxed to a certain extent, so it is best to peel before feeding to avoid diarrhea.

3. How do dogs eat apple cores? How long does it take to react?

If you eat a small number of apple seeds, it does not matter, it will be excreted with the feces.

Eating a lot of them will take about 3-4 hours to find out that your dog has vomited—blood in the stool. For abdominal pain and other conditions, you should be promptly sent to the vet for treatment.

4. What are the symptoms of poisoning in dogs eating apple cores?

The common ones are vomiting. Abdominal pain. Curling and depression, severe cases will have a large mouth panting. Blood in the stool. Barking. Head banging, etc.

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