2022 Top 10 Loyal Dogs in the World

Dogs are mankind’s most loyal friends, and now more and more people like to keep dogs, do you know what dogs are most loyal to their masters? Today Wade to talk about the world’s top ten loyal dogs, I hope you like.

What dog is the most loyal

Chinese Field Dog, traditionally called “earth dog”, some places in northern China also called “Chai Dog”, belongs to the carnivorous order, canidae, canine subfamily of a mammal, after growing up about 40 to 60 cm high at the shoulder, weighing about 15 to 35 kg. It is a native dog breed that needs to be saved. The Chinese field dog is very similar in appearance to the early wolf, Chinese wolf and steppe wolf, with a short mouth and flat forehead.

The Chinese native dog is mainly distributed south of the Great Wall and east of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, with the central region as the center of the low-altitude Han concentration, and is widely found in rural Han China and Southeast Asia, and the Chinese Field Dog is now widely used as a pet dog in urbanization. The Chinese Field Dog is a product of China’s Han Chinese farming society for thousands of years, a living fossil of history and culture, and is known as the “Chinese National Dog”.

Top ten loyal dogs ranking

  • #1. Chinese Field Dog
  • #2. Labrador
  • #3. Pine Lions
  • #4. butterfly dog
  • #5. Akita
  • #6. Doberman Pinscher
  • #7. Rottweiler
  • #8. German Shepherd
  • #9. Scottish Shepherd
  • #10. Golden Retriever

Top 10 Loyal Dogs in the World

1. Chinese Field Dog

Chinese Field Dog (Latin name: Canis lupus familiaris), the traditional name for the “earth dog”, some places in the north also called “Chai Dog”, character is relatively docile, not easy to take the initiative to attack humans, can live in groups, strong territoriality It is easy to raise, loyalty, not easy to have skin diseases. It is widely used in rural areas for housekeeping and early hunting.

The Chinese Field Dog belongs to the order Carnivora, family Canidae, subfamily Canidae, a mammal that grows up to be about 25-55 cm tall at the shoulder, weighs about 10-30 kg, and lives 12-20 years, or even longer. The Chinese Field Dog is vigilant, protective, territorial and aggressive, mostly found in rural and suburban areas of China, and is mostly used as a free-range dog to guard homes.

2. Labrador

The Labrador Retriever is as gentle, intelligent, thoughtful, bold and attentive as its eyes. Faithful, calm, reassuring with children, always self-sufficient and happy, wary of intruders, and suitable for suburban life.

The Labrador is a medium to large sized dog, named after the Canadian province of Newfoundland and Labrador, where it originated, and is ranked sixth in the world for intelligence. Labrador personality is loyal, atmospheric, simple, mild, sunny, cheerful, lively, high IQ, and also friendly to people. The common colors of Labrador are black, yellow, chocolate, and beige. Labrador is very suitable to be chosen as a dog breed for guide dogs, subway police dogs and search and rescue dogs and other working dogs that often go in and out of public places.

3. The Pine

The Pinscher is a beautiful, noble and natural dog with a typical sad expression that adds to the fun. Nowadays, the lovely appearance of the Pine is seen as an ideal household pet, mainly as a companion dog. It weighs about 20kg and is about 50cm tall; it has a docile personality and can be used as a hunting dog, towing dog, guard dog, and companion dog.

The Pine Dog is a very fashionable pet and guardian dog, native to China, with a history of over 2,000 years. It is said to have been most favored by the emperor and flourished during the Tang Dynasty. In the past, it was said that a Chinese emperor had 100,000 hunters and 2,500 pine lions. The Pinehound combines beauty, nobility and nature with a distinctive blue tongue, sad expression and exaggerated gait, but is not very obedient, can sometimes be very independent and has deep-set eyes and a limited range of vision.

4. Butterfly Dog

The Butterfly Dog is named for the long hair that adorns its ears upright, as if it were a fluttering butterfly. Native to France, the Butterfly Dog is a rather old European breed with a height of 20-28 cm, a weight of 3-5 kg, and a life expectancy of 13-15 years. The butterfly’s coat is rich, smooth and touchable, with a silk-like feel, flat and fine, slightly curled into waves; the coat on the torso is of moderate length, with the neck part slightly longer, while the chest starts to become shorter in waves, forming decorative hairs on the ears and the back of the front legs.

The most special thing about him is that he has a pair of very striking big ears and a small and delicate body, so he is loved by many beauty lovers. Its personality is lively, bold and flexible, and easy to get close to, warm and gentle to the master, but very exclusive, jealous of third parties. The Butterfly Dog has a high IQ, equivalent to that of a five or six-year-old child, and is among the top members of the pet dog category in terms of intelligence.

5. Akita

The Akita is the national dog of Japan, a type of Japanese dog, and the only large dog breed among the six types of Japanese dogs in the National Natural Monument. In Japan, it is a family pet dog known for its loyalty to its owner. The Akita is calm, gentle, sensitive, strong, brave, and easy to train. The body of the Akita is very strong and sturdy. The Akita is very brave, easily tamed, and extremely loyal to its owner. He has a wealth of emotion and is best at finding prey in the snow. The Akita runs and jumps at a brisk and powerful pace with a medium length stride, a strong, stable back, and stays level.

6. Doberman Pinscher

The current Doberman Pinscher has become more refined and well-proportioned than earlier breeds, but of course, they are still masters of combat and alert guardians, and are high on the list of the top 10 most popular dogs, with the following characteristics: bold, sensitive, determined, decisive, and good at tearing. The Doberman Pinscher is a natural guard dog, intelligent and strong in force.

7. Rottweiler

The Rottweiler is smart and understanding, with a calm personality and absolute loyalty to its master. It is good at distinguishing good from evil, obeying marching orders and following the master’s command. The Rottweiler is tough, calm and confident. He likes to see his family at all times, so the Rottweiler will closely follow his male and female owners around the room. Rottweilers are generally difficult to train, and should be trained strictly as a puppy, otherwise it will be difficult for the owner to control as an adult, and there have been records of Rottweilers injuring people in foreign countries. With careful training, he can be a quiet companion dog. Rottweilers get along well with children and love to play with them.

The Rottweiler belongs to the genus Canis, and is a strong, fast, and powerful breed of dog with a lot of courage and strength in the world. Once used to guard cattle, the Rottweiler is an intelligent, strong and approachable breed that is now popular with military and police dogs, as well as being a highly valued family dog. The Rottweiler is medium to large in size, neither too heavy nor too light in weight, neither too long nor too thin in limbs; the body is well proportioned, compact, muscular, strong, powerful, flexible and enduring.

8. German Shepherd

German Shepherds are agile and suitable for action-oriented work environments and often deployed for various tasks. The German Army recruited the German Shepherd during the First World War to accompany the army as a military dog. After being bred by the German army to complement its strengths and weaknesses, the dog was basically established. Because of their large size, imposing appearance, and strong working ability, they are active worldwide as military dogs, police dogs, search and rescue dogs, guide dogs, sheepdogs, ornamental dogs, and domestic pet dogs.

9. Scottish Shepherd

The Scottish Shepherd is extremely intelligent, has an excellent personality, is easy-going, intelligent and sensitive, responds well to gentle obedience training, is friendly and willing to please its owner, and is suitable for attentive children. Cheerful and lively personality with good sensibility. May be shy or nervous without proper socialization experience, gets along well with other pets, but may chase smaller animals. Best suited as an alert watchdog. Energetic outdoors, affectionate to their owners, wary of raw people and with good protective instincts, they are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world today.

The Scottish Shepherd has strong shepherding instincts, is intelligent by nature, good at reading words, can accurately understand the instructions of his master, and is ranked first in the world in dog breed intelligence. The Border Collie can withstand harsh climates, and its common coat colors are black and white, blue and white, and brown and white, in addition to the black, blue, and brown-based tricolor coat, which is characterized by intelligence, strong learning ability, high understanding, easy training, gentleness, loyalty, and good obedience. The Scottish Shepherd is mainly found in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

10. Golden Retriever

Gentle by nature and extremely intelligent, the Golden Retriever is a well-proportioned, powerful, lively breed. The Golden Retriever is popular for its sweet, gentle and intelligent qualities. They are easy to train, gentle and patient with children, loyal, confident, loving, enjoy pleasing people, and are a family dog that enjoys the outdoors.

The Golden Retriever is a relatively modern and popular breed of dog that originated in Scotland, England. It is one of the most common domestic dogs because it is easy to raise, patient and requires little from its owner, as long as regular exercise, food and veterinary checkups are available. The Golden is a well-proportioned, powerful and active breed with legs that are neither too long nor too clumsy, weighing 27-34kg. The Golden Retriever was first a retriever, but now is mostly used as a guide dog and pet dog. The Golden Retriever is ranked fourth in the world in terms of dog breed intelligence.

Why are dogs so loyal to people?

1. Have the “wolf” gene

As we all know, the ancestors of dogs are wolves. And wolves generally are 100% loyal and obedient to their leaders. And you in the eyes of the dog, like their leader, so will also be loyal and obedient to you Oh.

2. Has been tamed by humans

In fact, dogs have been tamed by humans many years ago, and humans have been getting along for a long time. They have gradually adapted to human life, to humans as if they were treating their own kind, are generally docile and loyal.

3. Their way of survival

Dogs are very intelligent, they know how to make their own better survival. Loyalty to humans can also be said to be their way of survival. If they are kept by humans and have to bite or be unfaithful, then humans will take certain actions and it will be harder for the dog to survive.

4. Dogs know how to be grateful

Most dogs are grateful, they know that the master is good to them, so they will be good to the master. In their eyes, the master is the best person for them, they want to be grateful, so they will also be especially good to the master!

If you do not believe it, you can carefully observe the dog, sometimes, the dog will be from the outside gripping some things back to everyone, we do not dislike the dog gripping things back, these things are quite like them, so they will gripping back to everyone.

What is the performance of dog loyalty

1. A call to come

Take the dog out walking will always be with you, someone teasing it will not pay attention to, or take it in the uninhabited hills loose leash, it will always look at you afraid you leave it.

And when walking in front of you will honestly sit down and wait for you, you call it will run back!

2. Can touch its food

Dogs can be said to be their nature to protect food, generally will not allow others to touch their food. But if you can just touch its food, this is also a sign of loyalty, because love you, but also happy to share with you Oh.

If your dog has the situation of food protection, which is not good, it is recommended to train it from childhood, it is best to bring some training snacks chicken jerky, etc., appropriate to reward, the dog learns and remember, will not appear to protect the food situation.

3. Waiting for you to come home every day

If you usually have to go to work, but push open the door will find your dog waiting for you to come home, then it also proves that your dog is also very loving and loyal to you.

The dog’s life is waiting for you to come home, but they are no complaints, even if they are at home how boring, at the moment you come home, it is very excited and happy, because finally wait for you.

4. Protect you in case of danger

If your dog is very loyal to you, then it will certainly be very protective, because the more protective the dog is, the more loyal, even if you and others a few noises, it will attack that person.

Because it really thinks you are being threatened, that’s why it wants to protect you!

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