2022 Best Dog Water Dispenser Guide

Water fountain for dogs is an essential thing because we need to work during the day, need to sleep at night, we thirsty at any time will go to pour ourselves a glass of water, but dogs can not do that. Dogs also have a great need for water, so the dog water fountain is essential.、

Many people may not be too familiar with the dog water fountain, but today, we will take a look at the dog water fountain.

How to make a dog water dispenser

1. Tools / raw materials: plastic bottles. Tool knife. Lighter.

2. Prepare large and small two bottles.

3. Now cut a small hole in the big bottle.

4. Then, roughly draw a spoon shape.

5. Cut along the line down.

6. Then, use a lighter and burn the cut.

7. Finally, put the other small bottle into the big bottle.

How to sterilize a dog drinking fountain sterilization

In response to the problem of unclean water sources for pet drinking fountains, you can replace the water with ozonated water and then give it to your pet to drink. Guidance suggests that the newly made ozone water is placed for 15 minutes, one is to let the ozone into the water treatment disinfection, drinking cleaner; second is the poor stability of ozone, about 15 minutes can be automatically decomposed into oxygen, the concentration naturally reduced to a minimum, eliminating the irritation of ozone, increase the oxygen content of water, so that the water is entirely safe to drink, give pets to swallow, healthier.

Ozone has a powerful sterilization ability, especially dissolved in water, generating ozonated water; sterilization ability is even more vital. It can kill bacteria by oxidizing their proteins in tens of seconds or even seconds. Ozonated water is very widely used. Ozonated water has extreme oxidation, which can kill bacteria and viruses on the surface of objects and prevent and control many bacteria, which are very common in industrial wastewater treatment, aseptic filling of food and beverage-related products, and medical anti-inflammatory and sterilization fields.

And ozone water decomposition becomes oxygen with no residue, making ozone water disinfection one of the preferred methods. The mouthwash you drink at the dentist, the water you drink before an ultrasound, and the water used to clean wounds at the hospital may all be ozonated water. Because ozonated water effectively kills various germs, it is often used in producing and processing dairy products, beverages, pure water, mineral water, beer, aquatic products, fruits and vegetables, meat products, soy products, and other food products.

The ozone-treated water is called “ozonated water.” Ozone is composed of three oxygen atoms, and is a strong oxidizer, with instant disinfection, sterilization effect, and sterilization rate of up to 99%. The nature of ozone is very active and unstable and is converted into oxygen in the water in a few minutes, so it is safe to drink ozone-treated water after 15 minutes.

Human body’s direct contact with ozone-containing water, ozone concentration is generally not greater than 0.2mg/m3 can drink, harmless to humans. Ozonated water is a sterilization effect and is rich in oxygen and various trace elements of water is a famous international quality drinking water.

Dog drinking fountain moldy

1. The acetic acid water to open, about 1:50 amount, pour in the bucket soak 15 minutes, then rinse with water to rinse clean, pay attention to the soaking time and clean the problem.

dog drinking from green water fountain outside

2. Put a little rice and the right amount of water into the bucket, thoroughly shake the pure water bucket; the impact will wash down dirt; then wash the second time with salt water, and then rinse with water a few times on clean.

Dog water dispenser cleaning

1. unplug the power, remove the bucket, and the container of excess water to pour away.

2. Scrub carefully with alcohol pads.

3. Pour a certain proportion (according to the instructions) of disinfectant water into the dog water dispenser, turn on the power and heat it for 5 minutes, then cut off the power and let it stand for 15-20 minutes.

4. Rinse with water 3-5 times. It’s almost done.

How to teach the dog to drink from the water dispenser

1. dog water dispenser to do the following steps before considering where to put it. Once selected can easily not be changed.

2. while the weather is hot, take him out for a walk, and soon he will be puffing his tongue and panting, and when he feels thirsty (such as seeing the roadside, a small garden pond, or roadside water will rush over), take him home immediately. So it is recommended that the place of walking is not too far from home.

Automatic Pet Water Fountain Cat Dog Electric Drinker Bowl Drinking Flower Water Dispenser triple Filters Pet Water Fountain ► Photo 1/6

3. as soon as you get home to get him to the dog water fountain, you can press his head to touch the water on the water fountain. If he does not respond, from inside with his hands to get some water to his nose, mouth he should be able to understand.

4. If you do not learn once, you can continue to teach it next time; generally, within 3 times can remember the dog is brilliant.

How to refill dog water dispenser

Usually, the dog water dispenser will have a storage container for water, usually called a bucket, we just need to take the bucket out and fill it with water, and then put it on the dispenser.

how to buy a dog water fountain

1. safety: Dogs are naturally naughty, especially love to bite the wire and water fountain side ~ so the water fountain must be leak-proof, anti-bite, and anti-interface tug drag. Try to choose a three-plug grounding power adapter water fountain; you can eliminate the induction of electricity.

2. disassembly and cleaning are convenient: 99 points to its various functions, 1 point deducted in need to disassemble and clean to ensure that its water environment, try to choose the kind of basin bottom and sink without dead ends, high integration of the pump water dispenser, otherwise the parts are too scattered cleaning will be very troublesome.

3. filtration system: in addition to the dog’s body, hair and dust in the air easily fall into the water bowl, so try to choose a large cartridge area, cartridge, and filter disc sealing suitable water dispenser.

4. water storage: I prefer a larger volume of water fountains. Without frequent irrigation every day, going out will also be more comfortable.

dogs playing with a bowl of water in a splash pool in a dog park

Dog drinking fountain price

Dog drinking fountains according to the function and material, the price is also different, generally $15-$200 or so.

The best dog waterer recommendation

Stainless steel dog water fountain

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  • 1. The stainless steel water fountain is very suitable for most Gatun, generally speaking, 1 gallon The stainless steel water fountain is ideal for most Gatun, generally speaking, 1 gallon capacity for three dogs with about 2 days of water.
  • 2. 304 stainless steel, edible, this material is very safe for dogs, easy to clean, easy to install and use.
  • 3. Easy to clean, unique design, plus 304 stainless steel material, very easy to clean.
  • 4.c Sound is relatively small, this dog water fountain, the use of ultra-quiet and low consumption of the pump, sound decibels below 20, it works more Sound is relatively small, this dog water fountain, the use of ultra-quiet and low consumption of the pump, sound decibels below 20, it works more quietly, does not produce too much noise.
  • 5. The unique water circulation design ensures fresh water.

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3 gallon dog water dispenser

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  1. Automatic water refill, the pet waterer will have a low-level line. When it reaches this low-level line, the waterer will automatically refill water.
  2. The principle of the pet water dispenser is to complete the water refill through the gravity system; the focus is simple and more durable.
  3. Made of PP plastic, it is easier to clear but can only be hand-washed.
  4. The cutout is easier to grasp, and pet parents can easily lift the pet water bowl without causing spillage problems.

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Automatic dog water dispenser

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  1. Large Capacity. Staying hydrated is key to preventing kidney and urinary tract disease, and this pet fountain waterer is perfect for small to medium-sized breeds and all cats.
  2. High Quality. Made from food-grade materials, the water fountain is BPA-free, durable, easy to operate, and clean. The water level window and LED lights allow you to watch the amount of water your pet is drinking in real-time and see exactly when the bowl needs to be filled. The cord has a switch to control the light, which can quickly turn on or off.
  3. Triple filtration system. The triple filtration system includes an activated carbon layer, ion exchange resin, and thick non-woven fabric to make the water taste better and safer for your pet and keep the water fresh through circulation.


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